30  Mar
Opening Day
Warm enough for sprinkler startups

Troy's 15 day forecast!

We have officially started the 2010 Sprinkler Season today. This morning started off with some frost on the windshields but with temps nearing 80 degrees this Friday we’re ready to say we’re out of the woods. Not that you’ll be needing to water for at least few weeks but it’s safe to turn your sprinklers on and get them ready for summer. Keep an eye on your mailboxes because we’re thinking about timing our postcards to start landing while people are home and thinking about their yards on this hot holiday weekend. Feel free to give us a call anytime now to schedule your spring startup. Even if you want to wait until May it’s not a bad idea to call now so you can have your choice of appointments (if you call mid May the line could be two weeks long).

Speaking of scheduling… we’re trying out a new online scheduler this year. We haven’t put it on the main page yet  because we want to get a dozen appointments or so on it to make sure all the kinks have been worked out. Feel free to use it and leave us feedback so we know if we’re on the right track. We’re still making changes to it but customers have been asking for this for years.  Don’t worry you can’t mess it up and we’ll send you a confirmation email so you know you’re all set.



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