24  Jul
Checking In

Busy Busy Busy.

Lawns started turning brown so we have been busy running around taking care of all the coverage issues and broken heads that really get noticed this time of year. How about a tip of the day? Many customers start complaining during a dry month that even though they keep running their sprinklers longer and longer they can’t seem to get enough water into the lawn. Try running a cycle and soak program! If you are running 30 minutes per zone try splitting that in half and running it for 15 minutes in back to back cycles. The soil can only take so much water at once. Once it becomes saturated it starts to run off and then you’re just wasting water. If you run back to back cycles with the run times split in half you are able to give the first cycle a chances to soak in before your cycle around for round 2. Remember… deep less frequent waterings are better than those frequent shallow mistings!

Alright… If you sat through that lecture you’ve deserved a couple videos. We have one up on YouTube of our first rain day in a while. On Facebook we put up a short clip of us messing around on a repair.

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Best Irrigation rain day proof

Best Irrigation rain day proof

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Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation Month

July is Smart Irrigation Month!

The Irrigation Association (which we are a proud card carrying member of) is putting on Smart Irrigation Month.  Check out the website specifically to help you be smart about watering your lawn.  They have tips, resources, and even games for kids!


Let us know if anything on there peaks your interest.  We’re always happy to help you water wisely!

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26  Feb
Fix a Leak Week


Every summer we get calls because our customers are concerned about their high water bill and feel it may have something to do with the sprinklers. Although it is often due to a leak in the sprinkler system it is also often because of different leaks inside the home. We’ll come out to the home and shut off the main supply to the sprinkler and still see the water meter slowly turning leading us to find leaks in the toilets, faucets, showers, etc.

The EPA WaterSense program is putting on an event called Fix a Leak Week. Basically from March 16-20th they want you to take care of those small drips that add up to big money and water wasters.

This is a great time to make sure you take care of your leaks because your sprinklers are shut off for the winter. If you can make sure you aren’t wasting any water before we turn on your sprinklers in the spring, we can more easily tell if any water is being wasted through the sprinkler system.

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